1981Born in Tokyo
2004B.F.A. , Oil Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts and Music
2013The 28th HOLBEIN Scholarship
Solo Exhibitions
2006Ai Gallery/ Tokyo
2007Ai Gallery/ Tokyo
2008“Statements from Galleries―Focusing on a new generation in Tokyo 2008”, Ai Gallery/ Tokyo
2010Ai Gallery/Tokyo
     “Painting・Sewing”, A-things/ Tokyo
2012“Landscape”, Ai Gallery/ Tokyo
     “La cuisine Francaise et les Arts”, Restaurant Kaeriyama/ Tokyo(’16)
2013“Connect”, OFFICE IIDA/ Tokyo
2014“Piling”, Ai Gallery/ Tokyo
2015iGallery DC/ Yamanashi
2016“Courtyard”, Gallery Pepin/ Saitama
2018“LOOP”, FURUTA Clinic/ Tokyo(’19)
     OFFICE IIDA/ Tokyo
2019“Shape collection”, iGallery DC/ Yamanashi
2020“View”, Ai Gallery/ Tokyo
“pepin at arca PROJECTS Part.15”, Beauty Parlor arca / Tokyo
Group Exhibitions
2006“New Year's card by Japan Artists”
     Studentski Kulturni centar, Beograd / Serbia, TOKI Art Space, Gendai HEIGHTS Gallery Den / Tokyo
2007“DEBLI Project”, LE DECO / Tokyo
“LOVE ART ! 2007 SUMMER”, Promo-arte Project Gallery / Tokyo
2008“DEBLI Project Art tour 2008”, STARBUCKS COFFEE / Hokkaido / Miyagi
“Small Size Works-Focusing on a New Generation in Tokyo '08”, Gallery Natsuka b.p / Tokyo (’09, ’10, ’11)
“My Collection”, Gallery Hibiya / Tokyo
“ASIA TOP GALLERY HOTEL ART FAIR 2008”, Hotel New Otani / Tokyo
“Kyobashi 3-3-8”, Ai Gallery / Tokyo
2009“2009 ASIAN STUDENTS YOUNG ARTISTS ART FESTIVAL”, Defense Security Command Old building / Korea
2010“Toki-no-Yuenchi”, Nagoya / Boston Museum of Fine Arts / Aichi
“Sensu Exhibition”, OFFICE IIDA / Tokyo
“Hikari-no-Zyokei”, Kuragaike Art Salon, Toyota Kuragaike Commemorative Hall / Aichi
     “Ikkitou-sensu Exhibition”, Pareana / Tokyo
“SIZES/IMAGES”, Contemporary Art Gallery CHIKA / Tokyo
     (’11“Think about visual art-Support medium”, ’12“What are you drawing?”, ’13“Colors”, ’15“Nature”, ’18“Time”,’19“Sound”, ’20“Water”)
      “DC1”, iGallery DC / Yamanashi
2011“Art in an Office”, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art / Aichi
“A-collection”, A-things / Tokyo
2012“Sachiko Okoshi Collection selected by A-things”, A-things / Tokyo
2013“The Vision of Contemporary Art 2013”, The Ueno Royal Museum / Tokyo Curator's text
     “NEW CITY ART FAIR”, Hankyu Umeda Main Store / Osaka
     “Gallery Selection”, Restaurant Kaeriyama / Tokyo
2014“ASAGAYA ART STREETS 2014, Pureism”, Laputa Asagaya / Tokyo
     “ART OSAKA 2014”, Hotel Granvia Osaka / Osaka
    “30voices, 30variations”, Contemporary Art Gallery CHIKA / Tokyo
2015“Inner History”, Ai Gallery / Tokyo
     “December Tune, Each of the form”, Contemporary Art Gallery CHIKA / Tokyo
2017“Shunin”, Contemporary Art Gallery CHIKA / Tokyo(’18, ’19, ’21)
     “LOOP”, Tokyo Saiseikai Mukojima Hospital / Tokyo
2018“La cuisine Francaise et les Arts”, Restaurant Kaeriyama / Tokyo
     Takeuchi / Tokyo(’19、’20)
2019“Handwork Select Vol.7”, OFFICE IIDA / Tokyo
2020“Sightama Art Action Exhibition 2020”, Old OMIYA Public Library, ONVO STUDIO INAMACHI / Saitama
“Rich Seasons-Ⅲ”, ORIE ART GALLERY / Tokyo
“M.P.A. Music Poem Art”, Galerie Repos / Nagano
2021“loop beyond Art”, Contemporary Art Gallery CHIKA / Tokyo
2022 “SENSU Exhibition”, OFFICE IIDA / Tokyo
2023“33rd Anniversary Special Exhibition, I took the picture by mistake”, Contemporary Art Gallery CHIKA / Tokyo
“T-shirt exhibition 3”,USHIO Gallery / Tokyo
“Calendar exhibition for you Ⅷ”, USHIO Gallery / Tokyo
2024“KOBO CHIKA 2024 ARTISTS’ BOOK WEEK”, Contemporary Art Gallery CHIKA / Tokyo
Public Collections    
Toyota Art Collection (Toyota Motor Corporation) / Aichi
The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho, 32F Guestroom Corridor
      Tokyo Saiseikai Mukojima Hospita